ANJALI CANDLE (Italian Leather)

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ANJALI CANDLE (Italian Leather) Beautiful and Best Luxury Candles,Unique Concept Shree Candles

ANJALI CANDLE (Italian Leather)

The distinct  warm, organic, mineral-rich fragrance  of this candle captures the essence of the first rain when water is mixed with the soil, popularly known as Petrichor.

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  • Length: 150 Millimeter
  • Width: 90 Millimeter
  • Height: 90 Millimeter
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Anjali in hindu culture relates to "divine offering", Hindus offer water to the deity and to the Sun god in the palm of their hands as an auspicious ritual. The hollow of hand making the offering is rewarded with healing powers and positive energy. Many cultures regard offering water through various rituals holy and makes one feel connected to Divine.

In India, The End of Drought is brought by the Monsoon, which replenishes the Flora and Fauna and starts the cycle of life. It is believed the Monsoon is the best time for procreation of progeny as this is the time of greenery and abundance.

An ideal gift to choose for new beginnings, welcoming a new member in family and for House warming parties. It will also enhance the ambience of relaxed Garden and Pool parties.

Scent - The distinct warm, organic, mineral-rich fragrance of this candle captures the essence of the first rain when water is mixed with the soil,Popularly known as Petrichor or " Mitti Ki Sondhi Khushboo" in Hindi.

The scent makes one feel refreshed and re-energised and is known to awaken the sense of smell.

Wick - Wick with a special filament core is designed to produce a gentle curl that is self trimming and minimizes carbon build up, so you could enjoy a consistent flame with excellent scent throw.

Wax - To minimize the impact on the environment, the candle uses vegetable palm wax. A little contribution from our humble hands towards a greener and pollution free earth.

Box Dimensions:
126.5 x 171.5 x 30 / 95 / 70 mm

Packaging Specifications:
Board thickness: 2.0mm imported Smurfit kappa board.
Lid outer: Smurfit + 4 color printing + gold foil.
Lid inner: Smurfit + 1 color printing.
Base outer: Smurfit + 4 color printing.
Shoulder outer and inner: Smurfit + 1 color printing.
Back joint: Smurfit + 1 color printing.
5 mm PE foam pasted on all sides and bottom of shoulder inner.
5mm and 20 mm PE foam pasted to the Lid inner.
Velvet covering on foam.
Master Packaging:
Corrugated Box- 6 Piece per Box