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Large Flower Vase
Love to pick up a bunch of flowers in a large sized vase, Put our vases at home in a way that looks well good. We thought it would be a better to see fresh flower in pretty vases. Find out a touch of classic charm with a large vase, rewarding from a thick base and charming shape.
Beautiful Shiva would be perfect gifting for that special someone who loves eclectic decor.Our collection of lord Shiva statue is incorporated with modernity .
Decorative Stand
Give distinctive, modern touch to your decor with the versatile range of our designer decorative stands.
Decorative Stand
We promote the significance of our perfection with our Designer stands on a graceful platform. These beautiful stands are available in an array of designs and colours, each one contended for your attention to entice you with the most eerie of charms.
Kalash Lamp
Decorative Kalash Lamps from shreecandles.com which will give a very royal look to your furnishings. You can make your pooja time special.
Floor Lamp
A fabulous floor lamp creates the most ambient illumination with overall, uniform lighting throughout the house and offices along with floors.
Designer Wall Lamp
Get free from old-fashioned lights and pick from our wide range of ethnic lamps with solid color, devout designs, and abstract patterns.
We have stunning handcrafted ship model made from beautiful woods. This decorative ship is one of the best creativity to showcase in your study or living area.
Table Lamp With Shade
Brighten up your nightstand, table or desk with a table lamp and lampshade. Even the simplest lamp can look brighter when comes with the right shades.
3-LED Lamp
With few special light sources, it is possible to change the mood in any space to go with the time of day and what you want to do there. More than just a useful part, the type of lighting in your home affects how good you feel. So we here offer best range of Energy saving light emitting diode (LED) lights, lamps and bulbs for your home.
Table Thin Lamp
These thin lamps uses the most up-to-date LED technology to craft a novel lamp keenly accustomed to modern day living.
Table Thick Lamp
Whether you are searching a thick lamp for the living room, study room, bedroom, or even for dining space you will find the perfect table lamp here. They will give soft charm glow to all dark corners.
Table Study Lamp
Our contemporary study lamp is shiny, and made of the finest materials. Highly energy-efficient and cost-saving in nature, it is surely the way to go with you for everything.
10-led Lamp
10-led Lamp for your local stores or workstation. These lamps are best  to illuminate your home or business to perfection.
Simple Wall Lamp
Choose from wide range of lamps from various designs to light up your living room or to get better quality lighting at your office desk.
Shubh Labh Diya Set Of 2 Antique Finish
Shubh Labh Diya Set Of 2 Antique Finish
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