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Scented Glass
Our Scented Glass candles burn great, so you do not have wasted wax, and will fill your home with fragrance.
Votive Set
Decorate your halls with these chic and jovial candles - featuring fragrance and packed with style in one compact collection, our gleaming set of votive glasses may be used in immeasurable ways to bring the warmness of candlelight to your home.
Scented Jar
We offer candles in a jar with a huge collection of sizes, styles, fragrances and colors. We manufacture everything from small jar candles to large jar candles.Our most popular scented jar candles with great fragrances to pick from there are something for everyone to like.
Gel Jar
This gel Jar candles are dispensed in genuine Mason jars, just like the ones existent moonshiners use. These unique candles come in a mixture of fragrances.
Soy Wax Jar
We are offering hand poured and eco-friendly soy candle that’ll lighten your room with the blossoms that bloom magical on moonlit nights. These candles are perfect for warm, relaxed evenings spent cozying up with a loved one.
Beer Mug Small
The simple design and the ease of stability are the features making these mugs so popular. All mugs are made of thick glass and long lasting. This helps in maintaining cold temperature. Its shape is simple and the wide rim allows for good aroma and making the mug perfect for serving a wide-variety of beer styles
Hollow Scented Pillar
With combination of the best waxes, fragrances, flickering lights and the right wick, our Pillar Candles flame wide and evenly with a moderate glow.Get yours now and add instant charisma, whimsy and thrill to your favorite niche at home.
Coloured Rope Candle
We are active in offering Rope Candles as per the customer requirement. All Rope Candles are available in impressive size, surplus colors and made of elegant designs and shapes using best wax & other related stuff by skilled craftsperson.
Copper Pillar
Copper Candles are elegant to present some love one or you are interesting in enhancing the decor of your home, our vast range of designer candles will well impeccably with their ambiance. Just take a look at our wide range of stands, lamps, vases, candles designed to hold stunning flower and other inconspicuous items.
Scented Pillar 2.75x12
Craft an affectionate ambiance in your home with our variety of scented pillar candles and enjoy the bright scent to make you relax after a long hectic day. Scented pillar candles are great gifts for Christmas or ceremony. We are trusted brand for quality handmade.
Attention-grabbing orange-shaped candles are ultimate for all from graceful remarkable lighting to relaxed evenings, family get-togethers, and more. These orange candles are designed with traditional handicraft methods.
Moti Ball
Buy unique quality Stylish Moti Ball Candles online from shreecandles.com. Furthermore, these ranges are hard to find at any other places. Our experts assemble these ball candles in devotion with all quality standards.
Diamond Floating Set Of 6
Bond your love with the Diamond Floating Candles. Presenting a beautifully engraved diamond come with a floating wax candle, this piece is the wonderful mean to convey your love.
Star Floating Set Of 3
Hand poured with pleasure, these stars are available in different colours. These floating candles are made with beeswax and a cotton wick. Each candle has an estimated burn time of 1-2 hours. 
Heart Floating Set Of 3
Who says all the time you need a special occasion to light some heart floating candles? Our huge collection of Floating Candles makes easy to enjoy graceful styles and soft lights at any occasion. Just place these stylish floating candles in a bowl of water and light up for a beautiful attraction.
Scented Rose Floating
Create a warm ambience at home with our broad variety of scented and unscented candles. The gorgeous handmade vases come with floating candles. Choose from star, heart, orange shaped candles now and forever, and many more candle designs.
T Light Pack Of 50
These T light candles are perfect for warm up the atmosphere of your restaurant or lounge, competent of being used in several kinds of holders or floating displays.
Diya Pack Of 4
Set of Four Handmade decorative traditional diyas comes with spectacular Indian style artwork are pre-filled with wax and wick. These refillable diyas are striking adding up to any party or gathering that you may have.
Diya Pack Of 12
We have expertise in manufacturing an exclusive range of Decorative Diyas. There are different ways to display diyas to make an eye-catching showpiece. Light-up your home with these decorative diyas candles. 
Scented Natural Pillar Pack Of 2
This long-lasting Scented pillar candle adds a chic look and feel to your home and venues.This beautiful candle is very attractive and burn smoothly o create a wonderful environment.
Scented Natural Pillar Small
Inspired with nature, we use pure oil scents in everything that we make. Our fragrances are genuine and unsullied. Each handcrafted natural pillar candles has fresh, natural scent made completely from pure beeswax and fresh essential oil aroma. Real quintessence of nature glow while burning these superb soot-free candles.
Scented Natural Ball Small
Our Ball candles add effortless beauty and elegance to enhance your home’s decor. These balls are beautiful in their own right, with the small piece clearly visible in the sparkly curved surface.
Teddy Bear Coloured
An ideal intonation for birthdays and for any special occasion! Try these teed bear at children's parties. A special touch that will place a smile on all of the kids faces. This package includes 4 unscented birthday candles in assort colors. Fragrance is constantly varying so if there is a scent you want but don't see, just ask.
Add a new dimension to your home decor with our uniquely designed lanterns. Glittering collection of handmade lanterns and lamps are comes with mesmerizing shape and outstanding beauty. These paper lamps and lanterns are a grand way to cheer up the decor in elegant manner.
Vat 69 B
These candles are made by using best grade wax and the latest technology. Available in diverse sizes and patterns, these designer candles can also be availed by our clients as per their specifications.
Vat 69 S
We are a renowned organization affianced in offering wide range of Lamps, Candles as per the specifications. Experts manufacture these lamps, candles at a classy infrastructure by using finest raw material, sourced from the most reliable vendors to ensure smokeless long burning life. Furthermore, these lamp, candles are designed with the help of latest technology to make placement with quality standards and norms.
Mosaic T Light Holder
This holder plans a slight abstract version of the design with shining light patterns on a wall or surrounding surfaces. This beautiful OM t-light holder is fully assembled and comes with its faux candle, ready to display.
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