Mayaa - The Illusion

Mayaa - The Illusion

Mayaa in hindu culture is the "goddess of illusion", with three Faces

Jiva : Who wants to taste every fruit to find better but is always unsatisfied depicted with a sad face, representative of materialistic endeavours of Humans.

Ishvara : Who understands the nature of Mayaa and its fruits but has not attained spirituality, representative of search of higher purpose for Humans, depicted as a smiling face.

Parambrahma : Who is outside the illusionary world of mayaa,has attained true enlightenment,is close to god and nirvana-depicted in our candle as a meditating face, representative of godly traits.

An ideal gift for self friends and relatives to share a balanced perspective of life, The candle will help people introspect and reflect , which may help in making positive contributions and bringing harmony to heart and mind.

FRAGRANCE-The Mild but complicated smell with rich fused undertones are illusory in nature transporting the person to the world of mayaa,pleasant but difficult to pinpoint the ingredients or the nature of the fragrance,

Wick-Wick with a special filament core is designed to produce a gentle curl that is self trimming and minimizes carbon build up, so you could enjoy a consistent flame with excellent scent throw.

Wax-To minimize the impact on the environment, the candle uses vegetable palm wax. A little contribution from our humble hands for a greener and pollution free earth.

Box Type and Dimensions :
Box type: Centre opening box with magnetic lock.
Box size: 166x166x40 mm

Packaging Specifications:
Board thickness: 2.0 mm imported Smurfit kappa board.
Outer case: Inner with Smurfit + 1 Colour printing.
Outer with Smurfit + 4 Colour printing + gold foil.
Inner formation with 10mm PE foam on all sides and bottom.
Base outer: Smurfit + 4 Colour printing.
Base inner: Nil.
Base inner formation with 10mm PE foam (3 nos).
1 inch gross grain ribbon.
Foam covered with velvet
Master Packaging:
Corrugated Box- 4 Piece per Box


A raga that evokes inexplicable emotions in our heart and often melts it would be charukesi. Best expression of piety, meditation, sorrow and happiness.

Instruments used in this theme are sarangi, piano, strings, santoor, pads and nature sounds . In rhythm section instruments used are mridang, pakhawaj, tabla, manjeera and chimes.