Hridaya Or Heart

Hridaya Or Heart

HRIDAYA or Heart is one of the most significant organ both physically and emotionally. The triangle shaped candle representing three mudras of yoga improve the circulation of blood to the heart and is associated with modalities of healing. When performed in combination of breathing exercises they enliven the Prana (Life) thereby energising the whole body.

Significance of each Mudra

1. Abhaya hridaya : Mudra for the courageous heart

2. Uttarabodhi Mudra : Mudra for Higher Enlightenment

3. Ksepana Mudra : Mudra of Pouring out and letting go

Ideal for practice and teaching of yoga and meditation and can be used in all other forms of free body exercises, The candle will contribute to your healthy routine and help bring out the benefits of positivity, radiance, vigour and vitality associated with healthy working of head and heart.

FRAGRANCE-An ethereal morning scent of this candle will rejuvenate and help your practice yoga and meditation with more concentration by inducing calmness in atmosphere.

Wick-A three wick candle each flame signifying each Mudra, The wicks with a special filament core is designed to produce a gentle curl that is self trimming and minimizes carbon build up, so you could enjoy a consistent flame with excellent scent throw.

Wax -To minimize the impact on the environment, the candle uses vegetable palm wax. A little contribution from our humble hands for a greener and pollution free earth.

Box Type and Dimensions :
Box type: Centre opening box with magnetic lock.
Box size: 11*14*13 INCHES.

Packaging Specifications:
Board thickness: 3.0 mm imported Smurfit kappa board.
Outer case: Inner with Smurfit + 1 Colour printing.
Outer with Smurfit + 4 Colour printing.
Inner formation with 5 INCH PE foam Black top and bottom covering.
Base outer: Smurfit + 4 Colour printing.
Base inner: Nil.
1 inch gross grain ribbon.

Master Packaging:
Corrugated Box- 1 Piece per Box

This track uses indian classical instrument 'sitar' as base along with western instrument 'guitar riffs' as well as the sound of 'jaltarang', along with live piano,

The theme is related to practicing yoga or meditation in a calm and peaceful environment.