Antarjyotih - Inner Enlightenment

Antarjyotih - Inner Enlightenment

Inner enlightenment described in various religions as Illumination, Gyaan, Bodh, Mokhsa means awakening and understanding which is personal essence in the stream of life experiences, The larger purpose is to break the cycle of life and death with an objective to achieve Nirvana.

Lord brahma (The creator) of the world and all creatures sitting in full glory on his aasana of a full blown lotus represents a guide towards attaining light or knowledge locked within ourselves.

An ideal gift for self, friends and relatives looking to move forward on the path of spiritual journey, it may help individuals with high stress jobs to achieve calmness and balance in day to day life, The candle positively contribute in meditation and expression of self.

FRAGRANCE- The mellow and earthy fragrance of this candle will be a combination of different kinds of lotuses and will make one feel more in tune and connected with nature.

Wick - A three wick candle each flame signifying a lok created by lord brahma, namely Swarg lok (Heaven), Prithvi lok (Earth) and Paatal lok (Hell) with a special filament core is designed to produce a gentle curl that is self trimming and minimizes carbon build up, so you could enjoy a consistent flame with excellent scent throw.

Wax - To minimize the impact on the environment, the candle uses vegetable palm wax. A little contribution from our humble hands for a greener and pollution free earth.

Box Type and Dimensions :
Box type: Lid and base box with side flaps and magnetic lock.

Box size: 19.5*17.5*16.5 INCHES.

Packaging Specifications:
Board thickness: 3.0 mm imported Smurfit kappa board.
Lid and base inner with Smurfit + 1 colour printing.

Base outer: Smurfit + 4 colour printing.

Lid Outer: Smurfit + 4 colour printing.
Case Outer: Smurfit + 4 colour printing.
Case inner: Smurfit + 4 colour printing.
2 inch gross grain ribbon.

Thermacol top and bottom inside with satin covering.

Master Packaging:
Corrugated Box- 1 Piece per Box


Devoted to lord brahma this raga emotes the feel of longing, of passive sensuousness and evokes desire for inner enlightenment,

Instrument.. Veena, swarmandal, strings, nature sound, mridang, tabla, jhaanj,