Antaranga - Fragrance Of Love

Antaranga - Fragrance Of Love

Antaragna or intimacy (emotional and physical) plays a central role in overall human experience, This romantic bedroom candle will help, tap into a sensuous experience of love and desire with your partner and will bring a sense of togetherness and belonging. The candle depicts a couple in embrace creating a new life which should not be interpreted as just seduction but also transparency, vulnerability and reciprocity and oneness of two polarities.

An ideal gift for couples and newly weds, Tantra Healing and Chakra Healing and Touch therapies, It will help rekindle the love and warmth of relationships and would aid the experience of bliss and intimacy

FRAGRANCE-The deep, euphoric and romantic scent of this candle captures the essence of handpicked variety of roses that have been used to suggest willingness to mate and arouse the partner since the times of Kama Sutra

Wick-Wick with a special filament core is designed to produce a gentle curl that is self trimming and minimizes carbon build up, so you could enjoy a consistent flame with excellent scent throw.

Wax-To minimize the impact on the environment, the candle uses vegetable palm wax. A little contribution from our humble hands for a greener and pollution free earth.

Box Type and Dimensions :
Box Type: Lid and base box with side flaps and magnetic lock.
Box Size: 140 x165 x80 /205 mm

Packaging Specifications:
Board thickness: 2.0 mm imported Smurfit kappa board.
Lid and base inner with Smurfit + 1 colour printing.
Base outer: Smurfit + 4 colour printing.
Lid Outer: Smurfit + 4 colour printing.
Case Outer: Smurfit + 4 colour printing + gold foil.
Case inner: Smurfit + 4 colour printing.
1 inch gross grain ribbon.
5 mm PE foam on all sides, top & bottom in the Lid and the base.
Velvet covering on foam.
Master Packaging:
Corrugated Box- 6 Piece per Box

Base instrument used here is saxophone to create intense feeling of love and romance along with use of keys to create an erotic atmosphere,